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1 Register Join us and update your profile 2 Patricipate in Online Surveys Take part in online surveys which we send to your registered email id. 3 Earn Incentive Earn point for each survey completion, and redeem points as cheque.
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iPanel Online is an international market research company dedicated to providing their clients withthe consumer information they seek. They conduct market research studies through online surveys that are completed by everyday consumers like you, with separate panels for eachcountry it services. The data that is collected through these surveys provides these companies with information on buying trends, consumer preferences and opinions regarding to improvements or new innovations of products andservices. Participating in the survey process can also be quite rewarding, not just for the fact that you get to share your honest opinions, but for the fact that you will be rewarded with a range of different payments. For each survey you completeyou could receive such rewards as cash payments made via check or PayPal (usually in local currency), or free products; or even entries into competitions or sweepstakes draws giving you the chance to win cash or prizes. If you would like to participate in iPanel Onlineā€™s paid survey opportunities, simply register to become a member of the panel of the country youlive in.
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